Imagine that it is not rain at all, that there is water all around. And we rush on colorful fish across the endless expanses of the sea city, leave footprints on the muddy bottom, stumble over corals ... Just imagine.

Available in cane umbrella, folding umbrella and children's umbrella.


The term of production is 3-5 working days.

Goodzont 73 | Mermaid

SKU: G73
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  • Umbrella cane - diameter 116 cm, semi-automatic, soft touch handle, fiberglass needles (anti-storm), weight 450g

    Folding umbrella (3 folds) - 96 cm diameter, automatic, soft touch handle, fiberglass needles, weight 450g

    Children's umbrella - 80 cm diameter, semi-automatic, plastic handle, fiberglass needles, weight 200g

    Storm resistance

    Material: 100% polyester